About Us...

Kackaamin Family Development Centre is dedicated to a holistic approach to family healing and growth with the understanding that trauma leads to addictions.  We believe every individual has the power of healing within themselves.  Traditional Aboriginal Teachings empower our families to develop healthy relationships as they continue on their healing journey.

Healthy families are the foundation of healthy communities


Our team of professional staff are committed to:
  • Perpetuate a healthy sense of community
  • Provide a family centred program, grounded in the Virtues of Respect, Resiliency, Responsibility and Transformation.
  • Practice the best quality of services grounded in self care
  • Culturally support everone that enters our doors
Our History

Kackaamin Family Development Centre is located in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island BC. Our former centre located on Meares Island, the site of the Christie Indian Residential School, closed in the early 1970’s when the Catholic Church along with various community members and elders made the decision to start the Family Centre. In 1974, the first client families attended. Kackaamin Family Development Centre has evolved from a safe haven for troubled families into a spiritual and therapeutic healing centre, changing the lives of thousands of families who have been negatively impacted by colonialism and residential school experiences.

In 2008, we received Capital Funding from Aboriginal Housing Management through BC Housing, the Order of Mary Immaculate, the Real Estate Foundation, the McLean Foundation and private sector funding that allowed us to build the new $7.9 million facility located in the Alberni Valley. Our program has evolved over the years and presently we host seven family sessions per year. Each session is 42 days long. We have 3 concurrent programs that are interwoven at Kackaamin: The Adults, the Children and Youth (K thru 12) and the Toddlers and Infants. The program is designed to facilitate family discovery, healing and recovery.

Our facility is licensed and accredited

In June 2010 we were given the “Accreditation Primer Award” for Aboriginal Substance misuse Organizations by Accreditation Canada. In June 2011, we received the full "Qmentum Accreditation Award". Our Daycare is licensed facility through Community Care Licensing. Both of these recognitions have been driven by our commitment to excellent client care and the application of wise practices in our field and in all areas of our organization. 
An overview of the adult program

Kackaamin employs adult counsellors who facilitate educational workshops that broaden the knowledge of our adult clientele on a variety of topics. Weekly individual, couple and family counselling along with community capacity building support sessions.

The educational workshops cover a variety of topics such as:
  • Alcohol, drugs and their effects
  • Behavioral addiction
  • Grief and loss
  • Communication
  • Anger management
  • Co-dependency
  • Residential school
  • Trauma
  • Spirituality and Cultural development
  • Recreation with your family
  • AA meetings
  • Cultural and traditional teachings
  • Healing ceremonies and sweat lodges.
  • “The Virtues Project”

An overview of the Child and Youth program - Learning Centre

The children and youth have a full time school teacher and teacher´s aide. These two positions are funded by School District # 70. We ask that your children bring all English and Mathematics material from their respective schools. Your children will have the opportunity to see our Child and Youth Clinical Therapist during the session. The Learning Centre’s approach consists of many elements all rooted in the “Virtues project” wherein your child’s inner talents and strengths are named and developed throughout the session.

An Overview of our Toddler program - Toddlers Centre

Our Toddler Centre Daycare is a nurturing and safe place for newborns and toddlers up to the age of five. The children participate in a variety of play activities that have therapeutic and gentle teachings such as aboriginal drumming and art therapy. We recognize that our toddlers will one day be our elders and we nurture any talents that they possess and welcome what they each have to show us about themselves. 

Our Funders

We are primarily funded by Island Health Authority (IHA) and First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). We are seeking funding for other projects which will be posted on our site as they become available. 

Our Board of Directors

We are a nonprofit Society and we operate with a Board of Directors that consists of 9 Board Members from various areas of Vancouver Island, 3 Elders and one appointed position. Our Board of Directors meets on a regular basis and has several committees that operate within the Board.

Our Administration

Our admin office consists of our Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Intake Worker and Bookkeeper.