About The Program

Program Philosophy

We of the Kackaamin Family Development Centre are dedicated to a holistic approach to individual and family healing and growth. We believe in the intrinsic value of each human being and that every individual has the power of healing within.

We strive to provide physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually the environment in which each person and family can respond to and experience their goodness, thus recognizing their potential and making positive and definite choices that will enable them to cope better with life's challenges.

We believe addiction to be a chronic, progressive, and often fatal individual and family disease. Its progress and results can be controlled and healed within every individual.

We believe in the healing power of the Circle as guided by the energies of our creator. We believe recovery from substance abuse and other addictions is a lifelong process.

What to expect

An overview of the adult program

Kackaamin employs Certified Addiction Counsellors that facilitate educational workshops that broaden the knowledge of our adult clientele on a variety of topics and issues. Weekly individual, couple, and family counselling along with community capacity building support sessions.

The educational workshops cover a variety of topics such as:

An overview of the Child and Youth program - Learning Centre

The children and youth have a full time school teacher and teacher´s aide. These two positions are funded by School District # 70. We ask that your children bring all English and Mathematics material from their respective schools. Your children will have the opportunity to see our Child and Youth Clinical Therapist during the session. The Learning Centre’s approach consists of many elements all rooted in the “Virtues project” wherein your child’s inner talents and strengths are named and developed throughout the session.

An Overview of our Toddler program - Toddler's Centre

Our Toddler Centre Daycare is a nurturing and safe place for newborns and toddlers up to the age of five. The children participate in a variety of play activities that have therapeutic and gentle teachings such as aboriginal drumming and art therapy. We recognize that our toddlers will one day be our elders and we nurture any talents that they possess and welcome what they each have to show us about themselves.

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