Client Activities

About Client Activities

Our program is structured and can be emotionally challenging at certain times, but we ask all participants to trust the process. We try to offer as many opportunities for laughter and fun as possible.

In general, our activities are part of the program so that each person and every family experiences success in reaching the goals they have set for themselves. Each six-week session is made up of different ages, interests, and seasons.

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Regularly Scheduled

Field Trips

Field trips include but are not limited to:

Every Saturday is shopping day.

AA Meetings

It is our belief that through the insertion of a 12 step program that recovery is more successful. There are two scheduled AA meetings weekly. One is hosted onsite at Kackaamin and one is off site in the city of Port Alberni. All adult clients attend these on a rotating schedule that allows for childcare to be possible. Clients make meaningful connections that create a more sustainable recovery. The life skills learned in the 12 step programs through peer support are part of the foundation that is laid during our session. We also have a weekly in-house NA meeting.

Grocery Shopping

Once each week, Kackaamin staff will transport clients to the grocery store to shop for the family's weekly groceries.

Closing Ceremonies

Our celebration of completion is held on the last day of the session. Guests are encouraged to attend. Kackaamin has special guidelines for our guests to follow while on site. Please contact reception for further information.

Pot Luck

Continuing with a holistic and cultural approach, each Sunday afternoon Kackaamin client families participate in a Pot Luck dinner organized and hosted by the clients. All of the client families at KFCD gather to celebrate and build on their community relationships.

Cultural and Spiritual

Kackaamin incorporates Aboriginal historical perspective, culture, and traditions. This is inclusive of traditional rituals such as Cleansing Ceremonies, Smudgings, the Talking Circle, and Sweats. Emphasis is placed on providing a spiritual backdrop that aids in recovery. Other events include but are not limited to: Ceremonial Burnings, Brushings, Spiritual Bathings, Welcoming Ceremonies, and the Butterfly Ceremony, etc.

Kackaamin celebrates the culture, teachings, and traditions of the Nuu Chah Nulth peoples, recognizing that within the broad geographical definition of the Nuu Chah Nulth, are 14 nations whose language and protocols are each unique.

We welcome families from all areas of British Columbia, and Canada. We also recognize that each family brings with them their traditions, teachings, culture, and protocols. We hope these families will share their drums, songs, stories, and traditions with us.

The Virtues Project

The key principle of the Virtue's Project is to teach parents how to best impart values and virtues to their children. Virtues are grounded in sacred traditions of many world religions and traditional values among many First Nations cultures. The use of virtues is based on the simple principle of spiritual growth. Virtues help us address ourselves (and our children) as spiritual beings whose purpose to develop all the virtues and values which were created within each of us a potential.

As a parenting program it helps parents bring simple spirituality and character training into their children's lives which helps people become more willing to take personal responsibility.


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